Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ani se nedivim, ale mám víc lidí, který mě like-ujou než follow-ou (gramtaticky je tohle určitě nejhorší co to jde), tak vzmazávam Follow a propaguju Like. Je to hrozně složitý dělat všechny ty postupy, aby si byl/a Follower a upřimně řečeno, kdyby kamarádka měla blog tak se na to vykašlu. Je to složitý, námahavý a kdo na to má čas?   Tak jsem vám chtěla zjednodušit život. Peaches, like-ujte ;)
I do not even think twice as to why do I have more Likes than Followers, so I am deleting Follow and propagating Like. It is so difficult al the steps to become a Follower and you know honestly?, if my friend was a blogger, I wouldn't do it. It's complicated, to much work and really, who has the time to do all of it? So I wanted to make your life more simple. Peaches, Like ;)


  1. Hey Julie,
    I'd suggest you to open fan-page on facebook so that people will know about updates on your blog by becoming a fan. You'll see the exact number of followers then.
    And yes - being a blogger is time-consuming thing.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you (whoever you are). I dont know how to do it unfortunately so hopefully in the future I can have all the peaches in one basket :)