Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunset Boulevard

Je jasný, že pokaždý co příjdeš do klubu, hledáš fotografa, aby vyfotil tebe a tvé přátelé. Potom si nadáváš, že si zapomněl/a foťák, protože fotograf po tobě chce 10 euro za fotku, kterou on ti vybere. Mě se nechtělo platit, takže nemám žádný fotky, ale alepoň se koukněte na stránky, jak vypadá nejlepší diskotéka v Itálií - Babaloo

Of course when you go to a club, you are always chasing the photographer so he/she can take a picture of you & your friends, while you smack your head for forgetting the camera. Well I did ask for a photo, I did want to show you Peaches, but I really didn't feel like paying 10 euros for a photo. If you ever go to the Marche area in Italy, make sure you bring your own camera for the best summer disco - Babaloo 

Velké barevné naušnice jsou úžasný pokud je léto nebo nemáš co na krk.

Large, colorful earrings are great for the summer and if you don't have a necklace.

Perfect dress for perfect shoes

Le Silla

You can practically run in these shoes! 

Summer & Sun does everyone some good!

dress ~ Boutique Victoria
purse ~ Guess by Marciano
wedges ~ Le Silla
earrings ~ unknown


  1. Looking good as always!! Are the shoes really comfortable?

  2. @ Eva: thank you! they really are, I can be in them for about 5 hours which is really good for 6 inch heels!


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