Monday, November 7, 2011


We the American's are quite close to becoming a nation of bums, since we so generously allowed ourselves to be led on by the beautiful idea of free credit. Now we are condemned to going through garbages, searching for leftovers in 80's inspired fashion. Of course there are the individuals who are lucky enough to pretend like they are dirt poor but in fact are filthy rich, I don't count those people.

So how long will our "recession" last? At least those people beckoned by the fat fingers of politicians and sexy men like FrED to keep believing they are in recession, unlucky for me, I have already fallen into depression!

Shit. Not even leftover pizza from the local pizzeria? No glass bottles to pour some cheap booze in? 

WTF?! What am I supposed to be back to the tent? I mean do the poeple really think that we have stores in the area of tent cities?!

This isn't what I signed up for. I thought I was supposed to be part of the special generation of children belonging to a nation of supreme wealth and strength! F*ck it. Let's go occupy that street in New York. What's it called? Some sort of street of Walls...

People love to do graffiti, which has no meaning.

Hope & Change... NOT! hahahaaa

To the United States of America, I salute you for royally f*cking things up!

sweater ~ Polo by RL
jacket ~ Silvian Heach
bag ~ Romeo & Juliet Couture
beret ~ H&M

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