Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

All day long I've been hearing the song from Adele - Rolling In The Deep & I think that it is the perfect song for this post. We will start the post with pictures from the calf stall, since they are small, cute  & they look like they won't do anything to me, they were more afraid of me then I was of them. At least I didn't poop myself from fright like they did.

Porad se mi honi hlavou pisnicka od Adele - Rolling In The Deep, a myslela jsem si, ze by se absolutne hodila k novemu postu.  Sice zaciname u telat, protoze jsou maly a roztomily a vypadaji dost neskodne, i kdyz jsem se jich bala vice nez oni me. Alespon jsem se nepobobkovala jako oni.

Me: So Vojta, you're saying they won't bite me right?

Ja: Tak Vojto, rikas mi, ze me nekousnou jo?

Vojta: Is she serious?

Vojta: To mysli vazne?

"I thought that if you told them to stay they will!"

"Ja si myslela pokud jim reknes aby staly, tak ot udelaji!"

Vypadam snad jako kdybych vedela co mam delat?

This children here, is what we call 500 lbs of pork. (male)

Tomu deti rikame 250 kg veproveho. (kanec) 

Oh my God! Whatever happened to Charlottes Web?!

You can come up with whatever you want for here.

Muzete si to domyslet.

Vojta: Beat it! (slaps the pig)
Me: help...

Vojta: Bez! (da facku svini)
Ja: pomoc ...

Curtsey for the pigs ...

Poklona pro cunata ...

*dekuji Farme Fikaru

hat ~ unknown
belt ~ Neiman Marcus
denim dress ~ Jones NY
boots ~ Dr. Scholls


  1. Už vím! Připomínáš mi Vanessu z Gossip girl! A já pořád že koho mi připomínáš a u Gossip girl jsem si říkal, odkud že je mi ta holka povědomá :D