Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take It to the Country!

So the wonderful, fall weather has rolled in. I truly have been excited since I have more sweaters than summer dresses. So from somewhere at the bottom of my closet I have pulled out all my sweaters, coats and of course my new rainboots from Marc Jacobs!

Tak uz nam prislo to uzasny podzimni pocasi. Ja se teda na to opravdu tesila, protoze mam vice svetru ne1z letnich satu.  Takze jsem si zezpod skrine vytahla svetry, kabaty a samozrejme nove holinky od Marc Jacobs! 

A newsboy cap, gave the outfit a bit of an English countryside feel. Or was it my whole outfit?

A newsboy cap ... Nevim jak se to prelozi, pokud vite muzete mi poradit. Jinak dodava memu outfitu pocit Anglickeho venkova. Nebo je to cely komplet?

The rainboots from Marc Jacobs, was a great buy, although my mom told me they look like they are from Hornbach. Maybe she would have agreed upon some Hunter's.

Holinky od Marc Jacobs byla skvela koupe, i kdyz mi mama rekla, ze vypadaji jako z Hornbachu. Mozna by souhlasila s holinkama od Hunter.

Eh, I like them. Do you?

Eh, me se libeji. Tobe?

It was tempting to play with the pictures.

Bylo lakave si pohrat s fotkama.

Rainboots - check. Knee high socks - check. Painful nettle - everywhere!

Holinky - jsou. Podkolenky - jsou. Bolestiva kopriva - vsude!

Quickly out!

Rychle ven!

Sometimes, you can mix brown and black. Even though I really hate it.

Nekdy muzes michat hnedou a cernou barvu. I kdyz to nesnasim.

Vintage pin from my great-grandmother. I never knew her but she was a very stylish lady.

Vintage spona od pra-babicky. Nikdy jsem ji neznala, ale byla to zenska se stylem.

Keep it natural! Don't always wear a ton of makeup. Concealer & a nude color for your lips.

Bud'te prirozene! Nemusite byt vzdycky nalicena. Staci korektor a "naha" barva pro rty.

But never any grey makeup. It doesn't look good on anyone. Think of snails.

Ale nikdy seda na oblicej. To neslusi nikomu. Myslete na slimaky.

plaid blanket (deka) ~ Sal Oppenheim
sweater dress ~ Boutique Victoria
garnet earrings ~ my own
silver & garnet pin ~ vintage (my own)
knee socks ~ H & M
rainboots ~ Marc Jacobs
leather purse ~ vintage Rossi
newsboy cap ~ Harris Tweed
leather gloves ~ vintage Baltman & Co

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