Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Work Peaches!

Tak jsem zmizela na mesic, i kdyz se zda, ze na rok ... Byla jsem v hibernaklum (tj. zimni spanek) a preckala jsem Sibirske stupne. - 18°C bylo na me moc, nemohla jsem vyjit ven, bez toho, ze bych vypadala jako  cerna Yeti. Prislo jaro a stim i jarni uklid, tak jsem si nechala inspirovat od Rosie the Riveter, a silou feministicke ekonomicke sily!

So I disappeared for a month even though it feels like a year ... I was in hibernation mode and waited out the Siberian frost ... - 18 ° C was a bit too much for me. I couldn`t leave the house without looking like a black Yeti. Spring came and with that spring cleaning, therefore I let myself be inspired by Rosie the Riveter and the strength of feministic economic power!

Nasadit si bowler, a vytahnout rukavy - pracovat se muze, kdyz ti kalhoty drzi ksandy

Stick a bowler on your head, push up your sleeves - hustle in your braces


I Medvidek Pu musi z hibernace ven

Even Winnie the Pooh has to come out of hibernation

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