Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black Devil Diva

Nekdy taky nepracuju a nemam co jineho delat nez si tahat za ocas a milovat NY. Sice bych mela mit I heart SF, ale NY je klasika.

I don`t always work and sometimes have nothing better to do than to pull on my ponytail and love NYC. I should probably have I heart SF but the NY shirt is a classic.

Black, white and red ... add some neon on those nails!

NYC attitude

Sukne misto satu. Zapaskuj si to, aby ti ty saty nespadly

A skirt instead of a dress. Belt it to keep them from falling off

Calvin Klein heels ~ Eyewear by Botas ~ secondhand purse

vkus ~ mas?

taste ~ you got it?

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