Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Play It Like a Pro

photos by: www.luvr.cz

Nevim nic o tenisu, mozna jak se drzi raketa, kdyz hraju si proti zdi a neco malo o tech hracich ktere si  neustale vidim v casopisech, protoze jsou sarmantni anebo jsou chut' roku (nebo protoze vyhravaji)..

I know nothing about tennis except maybe how to play by myself against a wall and a few of those male players who gets their pic taken half naked for being charming or the hot flavor of the year (or maybe because they win)..

Vazny pohled profika v mokasinech! 

The serious look of a pro in moccasins!

John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious!"

A na konec si hodime americky usmev a la Andy Roddick!

A good game deserves an American smile a la Andy Roddick!

top ~ The GAP
ksandy / suspenders ~ grandaddy
shorts ~ Passport
jeans top ~ Ascott


  1. The suspenders look so cool on you. Don´t give them back to your granddad! Celine

    1. @Celine: Thanks! I stole another pair of suspenders ;)