Monday, April 2, 2012

Peek a Blue

photos :

Peek a Blue, I see you! Nez se nam v nase male republice ochladilo, tak zivot byl krasny a mene stresujici - otazka dne kdyz je zima: tak co si mam vzit na sebe, abych nezmrzla, ale zaroven vypadala dobre? Kdyz je teplo, tak jsou vsude nejake prekvapeni. Napr. : najednou uz neni vsude vide jenom cerno (kabaty a kozacky), ale barvy a ruzne kombinace ponozek a sandalu jemne sladeny s kostkovanyma kalhotama z Alpine Pro.

Pekk a Blue, I see you! Before it got cold in our little republic (aka Czech Republic), life was wonderful and less stressful - question of the day when it's cold: what shall I wear so I don't freeze my buttocks off but at the same time that I'll look good? When it's warm, and especially during Spring time, there surprises around every corner. I.e. : all of a sudden you have the possibility to see other colors rather than just black (coats and boots) and with those colors of course we can never forget the post -communist fashion of wearing socks and sandals much favored by Alpine Pro people (lets not forget the mullets).

co tam delaji na tech lodickach?
what are they doing on those boats?

ani nechtejte vedet ...
you don't even want to know ...

Mozna se jeste peek -nu

Maybe I'll take another peek 


Bad Life ...

what kind of weekend did you have?

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