Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Jump

You may be sitting outside, having a beer in the afternoon at Letna, then to follow up with another and a klobasa by the river. Or at home. Or at High Jump in Hřiměždice (try saying that name at least 2 times in a row). If you have seen Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore, then you remember the glorious party in Eden, in the middle of nowhere. That is exactly what the party is like. If not, then watch the movie or click on the link here

Je mozny, ze sedis venku s pivem na Letnou, ktere pronasleduje dalsi pivo a klobasa u Vltavy. Nebo doma. Nebo na High Jump v Hřiměždicií (rekni to jmeno alespon 2-krat za sebou). Pokud si videl/a film Bio-Dome s Pauly Shore, tak si pamatujes na skvely party v dómě. High Jump byl uplne stejnej. Pokud to neznas, tak se koukni na link tady

16 meteres - basic
20 - supreme

I was ready for the worst!

Byla jsem pripravena na nejhorsi!

Chain links or in Czech - Céčka!!

check out the 80's in former Czechoslovakia here

Boom shaka-laka

This time, no girls are giving you the sweetest part, but male "golden czech hands"

Tentokrat, zadny holky te nenataceji tu nejsladsi cast, ale muzske "ceske zlate rucicky"

Cotton candy and Acai (ah-sahy-ee) juice. Make sure you have a clean Toi Toi booked the next day.

Cukrova vata a Acai (ah-sai-ii) dzus. Ujistete si, ze mate zabookovany cisty Toi Toi dalsi den.


Must have, if there. A nice attempt to make American burgers.

Closed shoes were a bonus 

Uzavrene boty byly bonus

Choose your DJ. I chose mine.

Vyber si tam DJ. Ja si vybrala.


Madonna fan

Mucho Desperados

go- baby-go!

*Follow the light*
*Follow the path of High Jump*

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