Friday, October 24, 2014


Once in a while, you need a break from Milan. It can be smoggy, to noisy, too full of people and in general, it's nice to change location once in a while. Especially since you are in a country as beautiful and diverse as Italy. An area I like to return to when in Italy is the region of Macerata. Rimini and Ancona are probably the most significant cities you will visit when you are here, although it is better to visit it during the summer. Especially when a cold front comes in as has happened 2 days ago. On Tuesday, Italy was full of sun and its' warmth, but with the coming winter and last years warm winter, I think Mother Earth has decided to surprise us with her forces. With force.
On Tuesday, I was still walking around in shorts during the day, shopping with my trolley and at night I was walking around in a button down and a shawl, absolutely content. Now I wish I had something a bit warmer than a pair of tennis shoes. Specifically before going to Camerino. Thinking as I am going into the south of Italy, I will enjoy warmer weather than in Milan, I thought wrong. Snow on the way into the south of Italy is not a good sign. Nonetheless, upon arriving to Ancona, I was welcomed by a wind with such force, that it played with me, swaying me from side to side. I had to laugh, because I thought it quite funny to be swept aside, by the forces of the wind. I think other people watching had fun as well.
Either way, I got to enjoy a cappuccino and brioche con crema chantilly at Bar Centrale, in front of the duomo in Camerino. As freezing as I was, it was fun to watch all the locals greet each other before going to work with a quick coffee. I have to say it was also a pleasure paying for my breakfast, since it cost 1,50 instead of the 2, 50 eur I normally pay in Milan. On one hand it doesn't sound like much (paying 2,50 for a croissant and cappuccino) but for Italy, it's a lot.
I walked around to see a bit of the city and hope you enjoy looking at the historical city of Camerino!

me and my super cool trolley. total shopping diva

on the way again


 Bar Centrale. so many people...
 centro storico

 smack in front of Jesus

 whats your family name?

 the dog is yours. so is its feces.

Last of the sole


  1. This is incredible, a beautiful small town, also a walk in nature once in a while is scientifically proven to be very good for your mental health. I wish i could do this often.

  2. Wow! So rustic! And peaceful