Saturday, October 11, 2014

Milano Milano

I don't know about you, but the weather here is a bit gloomy. Milano, as is San Francisco, is famous for its' fog. Unlike San Francisco, the fog comes in autumn and is accompanied by rain throughout the winter. They say that the sun should come this week, but I'm a sceptic and am so far enjoying it. Personally I love fog, and it goes along well with the sound of ravens (the size of chickens mind you) and the yellow leaves, crunching under your feet. So, with September being an amazing month, full of hot sunshine, there was nothing better to do than to explore the city.

Nevim jak jste na tom vy v Cechach, ale pocasi v Milane je trochu pochmurny. Milano, jako ze je San Francisco, je slavny pro jejich podzimni mlhu. Na rozdil od San Francisco, mlha prichazi na podzimu (v SF je to v lete) a je doprovazeny destem pres celou zimu. Rikali, ze by melo vykouknout slunicko tento tyden, ale ja jsem skeptic a i presto, ze je mlha, tak si ji uzivam. Osobne miluju mlhu a myslim si, ze patri k zvuku havranum a spadane listy ze stromu krupajici se pod nohama. Takze, s tim, ze zari bylo nadherny mesic plna slunicka, nebylo nic lepsiho nez se prochazet pres mesto.

One of the lovely mermaid statues at Parco Sempione, crossing the small rivers flowing through. 

The Castello Sforzesco itself! Built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, it has today been turned into a museum and places of exhibitions. Currently there is an exhibition on 'Journalism in Color'. I haven't been but will update if I go! If you want more information on what is going on, then view the link here. Atenzione! It is all in italiano...

One thing I noticed about Milanese balconies, is that they are all decorated. Either adorned by an architectural style or flowers and other greenery overflowing, it is always wonderful to look up, rather than keeping your head on street level!


At Piazza Sant'Eustorgio is a wonderful restaurant, called - Ristorante Sant'Eustorgio next to California Bakery. It offers everything an Italian restaurant should, from seafood to pizza. Also it offers a cultural aspect. Across the piazza is the Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio, which was completed in the 16th century. For more info on the basilica - here and for the restaurant - here.

Petra (a model) not wanting her photo taken :D

Me (not a model) wanting my photo taken ;)


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