Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Downtown Sweetness

Mam problem. Ten problem je, ze miluju boty. Krasne boty, excentricke boty, drahe boty. Je to problem pokud mas byt jeden cely mesic v U.S.A., a musis vyjit s urcitou castkou penez a jsi neustale v obchodech. Vcera jsem byla v Downtown, (San Francisco) a byla jsem v Bloomingdales. Nebyl by to takovy problem pokud bych nevidela boty od Sam Edelman. Nejoblibenejsi z nich byly tyhle:

I have a problem. The problem is that I love shoes. Beautiful shoes, eccentric shoes, expensive shoes. It's a problem if you have to be in the U.S. for a whole month and you have a budget & you are constantly in stores. I was in Downtown (San Francisco) yesterday & stopped by in Boomingdales. It wouldn't have been such a problem for me, if weren't for the fact that I spotted shoes from Sam Edelman. My faves were these:

a tyhle:

& these:

Udelalo se mi trochu lepe, kdyz jsem si vyzkousela ten prvni par a vypadaly osklive na moji noze. Nevim jak je to mozne, ale budiz. Ale druhy par vypadalo uzasne, tak se budu muset mozna vratit pro ne dneska..

I felt a bit better when I tried on the first pair of shoes & saw how ugly they looked on my feet. I don't know how that is but whatever. But the 2nd par looked wonderful, so I just might have to return for them today..

 Nordstrom/ Bloomigdales on Market Street

Nebe... Heaven

Klasika - Cable Cars na Union Square

George Dewey monument

Novy nahrdelnik a novy svetr - nemohla jsem odolat

New necklace & new sweater - I couldn't resist

Takhle vypada clovek, pokud je nastvany, protoze hledal/a mamku v Downtown a nakonec ani nenasla! :D

This is how a person looks when he/she is mad because the person is searching for their mom in Downtown & in the end doesn't even find her! :D

A takhle vypada clovek pokud je stastny, protoze vi, ze pujde znovu zitra nakupovat!

And this is how a person looks when she is happy because she knows she will go shopping again tomorrow!

Novy prsten! / New ring!

Inside the bag - Hue polka dot (+regular) pantyhose & a tulle skirt!

Pink Tulle, Pink Sweater, Crystal necklace, Pink ring & Thierry Mugler Star perfume!

sweater ~ Ambiance San Francisco
shorts ~ H&M
puse ~ Yves Saint Laurent
shoes~ Le Silla