Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Money, Money, Money ... in a Godly World!

Never take the Lords name in vain. Whatever country he is from. But my dear, are there no differences between God and man? His marketing in the Catholic World is quite elaborate and did not spare money on post-production. Before God Almighty, there were the GodS. They were like a collection of Marvel comics' superheroes. Choose and decided which one you like the most and build a dollhouse of marble meant to last forever.

Nikdy neber Bozi jmeno nadarmo. At' je z jakkekoliv zeme. Ale ach muj Boze, jsou nejake rozdily mezi muzem a Bohem? Jeho kampane v Katolickem svete jsou velice zpracovany a nesetrili na post-produkci. Predtim nez byl mocny Buh, tak byli Bohove. Byli jako kolekce superhrdin od Marvel Comics. Vyber a rozhodni se, ktery nebo ktera se ti libil/a nejvic a postav domecek pro panenky z mramoru.


The Caesar and I

Rome is a popular city for tourists

I became inspired by the tourists from Taiwan and all I bought was this lousy umbrella.

Gods city

Of course we had to visit other monuments than the House of God. It can become tiring hearing about the same dude over and over again.

Samozrejme, ze jsme navstevovali jine monumenty nez Dum Boha. Muze to byt unavujici slyset o stejnem chlapovi porad dokola.

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II.

My favorite fountain in the World - Fontana di Trevi

The light was beautiful in Rome, so was the weather and of course the architecture is wonderful, just like the people.

not one word. not one look.

Castel Sant'Angelo or Mausoleum of Hadrian

my favorite colors in Rome. the brick orange color mixed with sunlight, whisks you away...

on a Ducati?

or into the hands of drooling officers

the Pantheon is truly majestic. up until this day, architects do not understand how the Romans were able to build it

Of course you can't do without showing some buona cucina italiana!

Cin Cin!

A wonderful trip. Next post won't be so serious. Hopefully not so much about Rome. More about me. And my birthday!

Bacio e Arrivederci!

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